Ahoy shipmates!

My takeaways from the #ship30for30 writing challenge after 3 weeks.

It improved my mental health. And got me dancing around the breakfast table.

Day 21/30 of #ship30for30

Ahoy shipmates!
I wrote one atomic essay for the past 3 weeks. I had to do this early in the morning, from 5:45am-7:00am, before my kids woke up. So, I knew I had to be done. I first typed out everything that was on my mind for 20mins, and then do a 7min workout.

The brain dump unclogged my mind. After doing my sit-ups, I was more awake and could edit the bullet points into a short text. More than once, I only used a few points, or even had to start over from scratch. But the words came into flow.

On some days, I had too much text, which meant I had too many ideas.

One atomic essay = one idea.

This then gave me a chance to start a series with several episodes. And it would help me create a buffer for the coming days.

Right now, I am experimenting with voice transcription, so I let my laptop do the typing. Even my weird German English American sweets (“🇨🇭”, 🤣) accent gets spelled-out quite okay.

Blank pages have become a distant memory.

There have been days when I felt stuck and lacking inspiration. But I did not torment myself over it. My aim is to add to a library of ideas. People can say smart things if they have written them down before. And I will use some of these ideas for video scripts.

I know that my atomic essay is an early raw product in a longer value chain of content creation.

Hitting publish is key!

By putting it out there, I increase the chance for serendipity. Someone’s comment helps me unlock another idea. That already happened. Thank you, Twitter!

Now I have been dictating for 5mins, and there is already too much text for an atomic essay. So, I guess with more practice you can get a lot of friction out of the system.

I already noticed that writing gets easier.

And I saw a positive impact on my mental health. I show up for making breakfast in a surprisingly good mood. We put on music and once, even started dancing around with cereal bowls. Who would’ve thought?

#ship30for30 is a fun cruise, there are some great minds aboard. 🏴‍☠️🎉

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