How you can start your online meeting like a PRO 1/3

Start before you start.

You can start your online meeting anyway you want. But I’ve seen how a few pros are starting theirs, and thought I summarize it here. The start matters, because after all, how many chances do you have to make a first impression? Right. One.

Avoid stumbling into your online meeting still arranging your screens. Here is what works for the pros:

Days Before

  1. Communicate clearly with the invite. You set the expectations.

Hours Before

  1. Write a timely reminder.
  2. Use the lounge or waiting room with purpose. Decorate it with your logo and add a personal message. You can also use the 400-keystroke limit to point participants to a page for audience interaction. With a waiting room, so that you are the one to pull up the curtains to start your session. It gives you a bit of control for making your first impression.

Minutes Before

  1. Calibrate yourself. Check your energy level. Refocus on your purpose. Be happy to get going.
  2. Post a reminder on your chat channel or forum.
  3. Check your checklist.
  4. Smile. into. the. camera. Smile through the camera to reach the people on the other side.


  1. Then you start.

Tomorrow, I’ll continue by summarizing what the pros are doing in their first minute.

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