Using the polling feature in Zoom to stand out

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You have to give a presentation online via Zoom. You know that a good presentation gets better with interaction. How can you pull it off with the polling feature in Zoom?

A Zoom poll keeps your viewers in the platform and makes it easy to respond. Used with consideration, a poll makes your presentation stand out. PROs design their questions. Often, their presentation is structured around those touchpoints. Even if they seem spontaneous – they are prepared. That is why they work.

First, you break the pattern of delivering content. You give a choice to participate. You let them co-create and let them share their opinion. As a result, you can adjust the level of complexity in your presentation, speed up or slow down, and deliver better on your audience’s expectations.

Second, a poll allows you to feel the pulse of the whole audience. No one can really hide. The majority can be heard. You collect data instead of anecdotal evidence. You can test prior knowledge, uncover misconceptions, and check understanding. In teaching, we call it a CAT, a classroom assessment technique.

When using a poll before the content, you are looking ahead. You set the stage for what is to come. By unveiling a common misconception or letting them guess a fun fact, you can spark curiosity and sensitize the audience. When using a poll after the content, the interaction helps to reflect. Always plan in time to discuss the results.

For the discussions, e.g., on a single choice question with 4 answer options, a good rule of thumb is 25% – 75%.

25% – 75%

If more than 25% of responses accumulate on an incorrect answer, explain why the answer is wrong.
If less than 75% select the correct response, explain why the answer is correct.

Advanced PRO tip: in the zoom In-Meeting (Basic) settings, you need to activate polls. In any pre-scheduled meeting, you can then scroll to the bottom of the meeting page to edit the poll.

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