What to keep from remote teaching?

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We asked our students

What have we learned in the last 12 months that we should keep doing when the pandemic is over? When everyone returns to campus and we teach in class again? We asked our students, and they ran a survey amongst their peers.

The overwhelming response was: “Please record the lectures!” Students want to stream and watch them at 2x the speed, pause and rewind if needed. Nobody wants to download these huge files. They can catch up on content if they miss a class.

The availability of the recordings adds choice and respects students’ autonomy. Students have no expectations that lecturers need to produce short-form educational videos. But if available, they like to work with them.

Videos that are well-scripted and more condensed have added value. Especially when these shorter inputs free up time for interactions in lectures. Also, lecturers can use such evergreen content in different contexts.

Students were explicit that they want more interactions in large courses. They love to be challenged in discussions, with polls and short quizzes, and have this added social component of meeting their peers in random breakout groups.

And students encouraged lecturers to look into the opportunities that the learning management system offers. They enjoy to work with elements for active recall like short ungraded quizzes. And they want a discussion forum for asking questions and exchanging answers.

They do not even expect professors to answer every question or check in weekly. This space helps to articulate questions, and often students help each other out on finding answers. Of course, they appreciate clarifications from teaching assistants.

And to no surprise, they also mentioned more social contacts. We had social events that go beyond the class level. A virtual quiz night. And we may need to think more about these events on the study programme level and provide opportunities to meet.

Ideas for fun events anyone?

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